Appendix A: Base Library Director Salary Range

These are minimum entry level compensation rates; library boards are urged to consider prior experience, education, and skills in setting actual starting salaries. In applying these rates to current library directors, library boards should also consider the library director’s length of service and performance.

Service Level Minimum Entry Level
Pay Rate
State or System Training State or System Training
Bachelor’s Degree
State or System Training
MLS Degree
Gateway Library $9.35 $10.30 $11.30 n/a
Linking Library $10.70 $11.75 $12.90 n/a
Service Center I $11.95 $13.20 $14.50 n/a
Service Center II $13.30 $14.60 $16.10 $18.80 ($39,104/year)
Major Service Center I n/a n/a $17.40 $20.25 ($42,120/year)
Major Service Center II n/a n/a n/a $22.10 ($45,968/year)

Entry level salaries for Library Directors in categories not specified in this guide should be at levels appropriate to their responsibilities and qualifications.

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