Library Services and Resources

23. The library is open each week including some hours after 5:00 p.m. or hours on Saturday and/or Sunday. The hours appropriate for each level of service can be found in Appendix C. Library hours are scheduled to meet community needs.

24. The library participates directly in the statewide interlibrary loan system.

25. The library has a continuous weeding program. A minimum of 3% of the materials in the collection is withdrawn annually.

26. The library annually expends not less than 12% of its total operating expenditures from all income sources (excluding capital fund expenditures) on purchase of library materials.

27. The library annually adds items to its collection equal to but not less than 4% of the total collection.

28. The library purchases access to downloadable electronic content such as ebooks as part of its collection. Libraries are encouraged to participate in statewide electronic content cooperative arrangements in order to purchase such materials.

29. The library provides materials and programming to children and youth as stated in the “Kansas Public Library Youth Services Guidelines“.

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