Structure and Governance

1. The library is governed by an appointed or elected library board exercising the authorities provided in state statutes, including but not limited to maintaining the library board’s legal status as a body corporate and politic with authority to adopt library policies and regulations; employ and set compensation of a librarian; accept and administer, and invest grants and gifts received; and pay out funds collected for operation of the library.

2. The library board operates under appropriate budget and financial procedures:

  • The treasurer of the board is bonded as required by KSA 12-1226.
  • Financial reports are provided to the board at each board meeting.
  • Statutory requirements for auditing of library accounts are followed.
  • Appropriate procedures for internal financial controls are implemented. Such procedures require that at least two persons examine and approve payments from library funds.

3. The library board employs a paid library director and delegates management of the library to the library director within the policies and budget approved by the library board.

4. The library board approves and implements a written personnel policy. Hiring rates or ranges and job descriptions are determined for all library staff. The library director implements and manages personnel policies and procedures.

5. Liability insurance for the library is maintained by the library board or the library’s parent government body (city, township or county), and a copy of the current insurance policy is on file at the library.

6. Library financial records are maintained on file at the library and are available in accordance with Kansas Open Records Act requirements.

7. The library board has adopted and has available written bylaws and policies on all of the following:

  • Selection/Collection Management
  • Building/Meeting Room Use
  • Personnel
  • Confidentiality of Library Records
  • Gifts
  • Appropriate Use of Online Services
  • Continuing Education
  • Emergency Preparedness/Disaster Recovery
  • Public Services
  • Intellectual Freedom
  • Budget and Finance
  • Equipment Use
  • Patron Behavior
  • Capital Improvements
  • Continuing Education
  • Surplus Property

8. Copies of bylaws and policies are provided to every member of the library board, the library director, and the library staff. All library board members annually read and review bylaws and policies.

9. The library board participates in at least one continuing education activity annually. This activity may be:

  • Part of a regularly scheduled board meeting with materials and/or a presentation provided by the regional library system or other resource.
  • Attendance at continuing education activities provided by the regional library system and/or other continuing education providers.
  • Other continuing education activities including viewing and discussion of online or recorded presentations.

10. New library trustees participate in an orientation upon appointment to the library board.

11. A designated library representative or alternate attends the meetings of their regional library system board.

12. The library provides and pays for a current membership in the Kansas Library Association and Kansas Library Trustee Association for all members of the library board.

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