2012 Public Library Standards


The 2012 Kansas Public Library Standards are intended to help libraries measure their currently level of library service, and to help them improve program, collection and information access in their local libraries.

This version of the Kansas Public Library Standards was developed by the Regional Library Systems, coordinating with the State Library of Kansas.

We believe the public interest is best served through cooperation and resource sharing among libraries. We believe cooperative mutual support among all types of libraries will yield the greatest benefits in service for the public from limited library resources.

These standards are intended to be utilized by library boards and directors to meet local community needs.

The 2012 Kansas Public Library Standards reflect high, but reasonable and achievable levels of library service. Kansas citizens and Kansas communities deserve no less.

These standards relate to levels of service and are not limited by population. The population serves only as a guideline.

Service Levels

Service Level Recommended Population Range
Gateway Fewer than 500 people
Linking 501-1,000 people
Service Center I 1,001-2,500 people
Service Center II 2,501 – 10,000 people
Major Service Center I 10,001-25,000 people
Major Service Center II 25,001-100,000 people
Major Resource Center More than 100,000 people

The complete standards are available in a printable PDF format or may be viewed online, by section.

  1. Introduction
  2. Structure and Governance
  3. Planning, Marketing, and Community Outreach
  4. Library Funding and Budget
  5. Library Services and Resources
  6. Automation and Technology
  7. Library Personnel
  8. Physical Facilities
  9. Appendix A: Base Library Director Salary Range
  10. Appendix B: Recommended Internet Bandwidth
  11. Appendix C: Chart of Library Standards by Service Level