Calling All Performers!

The Statewide Performer Directory’s annual update is underway. All performers currently listed have been contacted and must respond in order to remain in the directory.  Changes in contact information, program offerings, or fees can be reported using the online submission form.  If no changes are needed, this should be confirmed in an email to Teri Nelson at NEKLS []. Performers who do not respond to the update request will be dropped from the directory on December 27, 2010.

This is also a great time for systems personnel to add new performers from across the state. If you know of any fresh talent who might like to be included in the directory, encourage them to use the online submission form which will be processed by NEKLS. Or, if you prefer, you can gather the required information and enter it yourself.  Clear instructions are available at the link below. (The first listing is the hardest. After that, it’s smooth sailing!)

How to add performers to the Statewide Performer Directory